Acquisitions - Our Approach

If you are a business owner exploring an exit and looking to transition or retire, we offer a flexible opportunity to meet your goals while preserving your company's unique legacy. 

Why Work With Us?

-  We have operational, legal, accounting, and financial resources already lined up, allowing us to move quickly and efficiently toward closing. 


-  People matter to us, plain and simple.  We want to retain your team, and we will work with you to ensure there is a smooth transition and continuity thereafter. 


-  We have a long-term vision, and seek to build lasting value through ethical leadership and responsible growth.


-  We will work with you on a confidential basis to create a flexible deal structure that achieves your transition goals.

-  We are operators not brokers, and therefore we do not charge transaction fees. 

General Acquisition Criteria:

COVID-19 Update: we realize the pandemic has created many challenges for many small and mid-sized businesses across sectors.  Although we do not invest in most turnaround situations, we remain 100% open to considering attractive businesses that may be experiencing temporary setbacks.  This will be handled on a case by case basis, and all potential acquisitions are subject to the completion of our own comprehensive due diligence prior to closing.  Our valuation will be largely based on historical performance, however in light of recent disruptions, we will be emphasizing current performance to ensure viability and resilience.  In each instance we will seek to implement deal structures that mitigate uncertainty.  Although we evaluate each business independently,  we are focused on acquiring performing companies that align with our general acquisition criteria:


-  Business is not dependent on the current owner to maintain its operations and customer relationships. 


-  Diverse customer base preferred, although we may make certain exceptions for federal contractors.

-  Gross annual sales/revenue greater than $1M, and consistent over the past 3+ fiscal years.

-  Consistent record of profitability with at least $200K in adjusted net profits (EBITDA). *Add backs must be legitimate to receive consideration, and owners will be required to provide tangible proof/documentation during due diligence.

-  Complete financial records, including federal tax returns past 3+ fiscal years. 

-  Effective A/R management in place.     

-  No factoring, tax liens, contingent/off balance sheet liabilities, lawsuits, or regulatory issues.  All professional licenses and contracts must be transferable and in good standing with all relevant regulatory bodies/government agencies. 

-  Owner is interested in working with us to ensure a smooth transition within a reasonable period of time after closing.

How to Get Started:

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of an exit, we would be happy to schedule a confidential exploratory meeting.

Contact us directly at: