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Acquisitions - Our Approach

If you are a business owner exploring an exit and looking to transition or retire, we offer a flexible opportunity to meet your goals while preserving your company's unique legacy. 

Why Work With Us?

-  We have operational, legal, accounting, and financial resources already lined up, allowing us to move quickly and efficiently toward closing. 


-  People matter to us, plain and simple.  We want to retain your team, and we will work with you to ensure there is a smooth transition and continuity thereafter. 


-  We have a long-term vision, and seek to build lasting value through ethical leadership and responsible growth.


-  We will work with you on a confidential basis to create a flexible deal structure that achieves your transition goals.

General Acquisition Criteria:

Our valuation will be largely based on historical performance and demonstrated consistent earning power.  Future projections and "turn-around" situations are of little interest to us.  We are focused on acquiring performing companies that align with our general acquisition criteria:


-  Business is not dependent on the current owner to maintain its operations and customer relationships. 


-  Diverse customer base preferred, although we may make certain exceptions for federal contractors.

-  Consistent record of organic sales growth and profitability with at least $500K in adjusted net income (EBITDA).  We will consider strategic acquisitions below this threshold on a case by case basis. *Sellers will be expected to provide tangible proof/documentation for any questionable add backs during due diligence.    

-  Complete and accurate financial records (P&L and Balance Sheet), including corresponding federal tax returns filed within the past 3+ fiscal years are a non-negotiable requirement. 

-  Effective A/R management in place.  *Billing and A/R collection practices will be closely scrutinized during due diligence.      

-  No tax liens, contingent/off balance sheet liabilities, lawsuits, or regulatory issues.  All professional licenses and contracts must be transferable and in good standing with all relevant regulatory bodies/government agencies. 

-  Owner is interested in working with us to ensure a smooth transition within a reasonable period of time after closing.

How to Get Started:

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of an exit, we would be happy to schedule a confidential exploratory meeting. 

Contact us directly at: 

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