Medical Examinations for Veterans (VBA MDE)

Federal Guardian coordinates essential healthcare examinations nationwide for U.S. Military Veterans in our network clinics, on-location, at group events or through partner-operated centers.



Each separating/retiring military veteran is afforded the right to have an exam to evaluate the status of any service related injury or medical condition. 

Our support for this vital mission includes analysis, provider outreach, recruiting and compliance.  In addition, Federal Guardian coordinates provider training and handles compensation activities for doctors performing examinations.  In return, our providers follow a routine four-step process outlined below. 

Provider Examination Process

1.  Patient completes a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) prior to visit to outline any conditions they believe are service-connected. 


2.  Our provider receives the patient's medical records in advance of a pre-scheduled appointment for review.


3.  Provider administers evaluation of previously documented service-connected medical conditions.  No treatment or prescriptions are administered for findings.  Rather, providers will document their impartial findings and submit them in a standardized medical report. 


4.  Once a medical report outlining provider findings is received, a determination of disability benefits will be made by the V.A.  Providers do not determine benefits ratings, they only record their impartial findings.   


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