We take pride in the diverse, person-centered medical support services that our growing network of Licensed, credentialed healthcare practitioners deliver nationwide.  We understand the delicate balance between quality of care, timeliness, and customer value, and work diligently to develop custom health service offerings to address client needs.  Our core medical services include:

Examinations (general and specialized):  Federal Guardian’s medical staff and contract examiners go the extra mile to make Examinees feel welcome and at ease. From the moment an examination is scheduled, we work diligently on the back end to ensure timely and efficient patient notification and accommodation. Once an examination has begun, our provider’s primary goal is to gather the medical evidence necessary to evaluate the patient’s claim, and provide our client with a timely and unbiased, professional medical report.  We specialize in coordinating Medical, Disability, and Occupational Health Examinations; Psychological Evaluations; ; Retirement Examinations; Military Separation Examinations; and Physical examinations (periodic, pre and post-deployment, and fit-for-duty).

Healthcare Placement Solutions:  In addition to coordinating care through our existing network, we also excel in the placement of licensed, credentialed medical staff and support professionals across specialties to public sector agencies throughout the United States.  Our capabilities include all aspects of staffing support, including placement, administration, and project management.

*Although the majority of our public sector examinations are completed in-person, we are also able to leverage secure, HIPAA compliant Telehealth / Telemedicine solutions to meet client needs as necessary.

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