Health IT & Informatics

Data collection and storage is at the heart of every documented patient encounter.  In order to facilitate timely assessments and maximize treatment planning, this information must be accurate.  In order for that to happen, people, processes, and technology must all work in sync to produce measurable results.  

We specialize in providing clients with expert driven insights, technology solutions, and cutting edge training to help them streamline service delivery, modernize information systems, and optimize clinical outcomes. Our areas of expertise include:

Health Informatics:

-  Electronic Health Records Modernization

-  Revenue Cycle Management

-  Medical Coding / Encoding

          • Inpatient

          • Outpatient

-  Medical Billing

-  Clinical Decision Making and Support

-  Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling

-  Standards & Terminology

Digital care delivery (Telehealth / Telemedicine and Telebehavioral Health):

-  HIPAA compliant software to ensure seamless and secure remote patient engagement across all specialties

-  Flexible access to patient care through virtual home visits, virtual waiting rooms, and remote monitoring

Training and Education:

- Curriculum Design and Support

- Certified SME Instructors

- Customized Delivery

- Flexible Scheduling

- Remote and Onsite

- Webinars


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