Health Services

We are at the forefront of today's most challenging healthcare issues, and take pride in the diverse, person-centered medical and behavioral health services that our expert practitioners deliver.  We understand the delicate balance between quality of care, timeliness, and customer value, and will work diligently to develop custom health service offerings to address your needs.  We provide the following:

Medical Examinations (general and specialized):

- Independent medical evaluations (general and specialty practitioner exams)

- Medical and Psychiatric Evaluations

- Disability Retirement Examinations

- Military Disability and Separation Examinations

- Physical examinations:  periodic, pre and post deployment, and fit-for-duty

- Telehealth / Telemedicine

Behavioral Health:

- Mental health and substance abuse counseling

- Integrated case management

- Military and Veteran's issues (transition, combat and non-combat related) including PTSD and TBI

- Family and Workplace Counseling

- Treatment for a wide range of issues including: depression and anxiety, addictions, bipolar disorder, eating and sleep disorders, stress and post-traumatic stress disorders, panic attacks and phobias, relationship issues, bi-lingual counseling, career and work-related issues, grief and loss, family issues, anger management, grief and loss, and conflict resolution.

- Telebehavioral health (HIPAA compliant, confidential, remote counseling)

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