Our Solutions

We offer a variety of behavioral health services including In-person and Telehealth therapy, non-medical counseling services, and psychological evaluations for Veterans, U.S. Military personnel and their families as well as other public sector workers nationwide. 

Our growing network of Licensed, credentialed providers are highly skilled at delivering solution-focused treatment, educational programs, and critical support to diverse populations of adults and adolescents, children, couples, families and groups.

Areas we specialize in include:

  • Law Enforcement and First Responders:  Police, Firefighters, and Emergency personnel are far more likely to witness traumatic events than ordinary people in society. These experiences can trigger long term behavioral health issues, including PTSD and depression, which if left untreated could lead to career problems, family issues, and can even result in suicide.  Our goal is to proactively help first responders and their leaders recognize behavioral health issues as they arise, and help them effectively treat issues that may, if left untreated, negatively impact their ability to perform their duties.   

  • Family and Workplace Counseling (Including Military and Family Life Counseling):  Our staff also provides Non-medical counseling (NMC) and outreach services that are psycho-educational in nature, and focused on military and public sector environments.  We aim to help clients learn to resolve unique issues associated with their unique work and family environments. These services aid in the prevention or reduction of the effects of stressors that may inhibit force readiness.  

  • Telebehavioral Health (HIPAA compliant, confidential, remote):  We offer flexible Telebehavioral health options to provide psychotherapy or psychological evalations remotely.  Depending on client needs, our licensed behavioral health providers can utilize HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software, which allows virtual delivery of services, increased patient convenience, and improved provider efficiency.

  • Mental Health Counseling for a wide range of issues including: Depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating and sleep disorders, stress and post-traumatic stress disorders, panic attacks and phobias, relationship issues, bi-lingual counseling, career and work-related issues, grief and loss, family issues, anger management, grief and loss, and conflict resolution.

  • Substance Use Treatment and Counseling:  Specialized addiction treatment professionals encourage clients to participate in various interventions that assist in accelerating their long-term recovery.  Our therapeutic approach helps individuals heal from the effects of substance use disorders, so they learn how to better cope with cravings for drugs or alcohol.  Ultimately, our goal is to enable them to reestablishing themselves and flourish within their communities.

  • Military and Veteran’s issues (transition, combat, and non-combat related) including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and Suicide Prevention:  We aim to help our active-duty service members, veterans, and their families focus on healing from the trauma of life-threatening events, sexual assault, and everyday life issues they’ve endured while bravely performing their military service for our country. 

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