MFLC Program Overview

Military families face unique challenges; and the stressors associated with military service can have wide ranging consequences for service members, spouses and children alike.  Between learning to cope with the absence of a deployed parent or spouse, and balancing the competing demands of education, parenting, and employment; day-to-day military family life can be overwhelming.  Issues such as isolation and loneliness caused by overseas assignments; geographical relocations; and the rigorous demands of keeping up with the day-to-day military lifestyle can put a strain on even the most cohesive family units. 

Since its inception in 2004, the DoD Military Family Life Counseling (MFLC) program has supported military members, their families, and survivors by providing non-medical counseling at installations worldwide. Embedded MFLC Counselors work directly with the military community to deliver empathic, in-person counseling services, briefings and presentations.  MFLC Counselors are licensed professionals that specialize in providing non-medical counseling services, coaching, training, and education to Military Service Members and their families in order to address the unique life stressors that can have a major impact military readiness.

Job Description & Qualifications Overview

•  MFLCs are Masters-level counselors and social workers who provide short-term, non medical counseling services to military members and their families.  Services are performed on or off of military installations to adults, children and adolescents (in individual, couples, and group settings).

•  Counselors must possess a valid, unrestricted clinical license from a state, the District of Columbia, a U.S. Territory or commonwealth that grants authority to provide counseling services as an independent practitioner.  Preferably with least 2-5+ years of post-licensure clinical experience.  However, for child/youth behavioral health positions (school based, etc.), we may be able to accept newly licensed counselors in some instances so we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

•  The MFLC counseling approach is psycho-educational in nature, and specifically designed to help military members and their families learn to anticipate and resolve a multitude of unique challenges commonly associated with military life.

•  With the exception of child abuse, domestic abuse, and duty to warn situations, counseling services offered through the MFLC program are completely private and confidential.

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